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“Canes Deer Velvet helps my general stiffness and neck problems. I certainly wouldn’t like to be without it. I also think it boosts the immune system and helps to keep you fit as get older.”

Jane Dickson, Sth Lanarckshire - Scotland

“I am 65 years old and suffer from an old Knee injury and general aches and pains. Since taking Canes Deer Velvet last year the aches and pains have virtually disappeared and my knee pain is now negligible. It has definitely made a difference in my quality of life. I am now down to only 500mg/day.”

Walter Ratter, Larkhall - Scotland

“I have been taking Deer Velvet for almost 2 years and during that time I have enjoyed a general feeling of well being and have remained free of the usual winter colds and flu.”

Morgan Donelley, Reporoa, NZ

“I have suffered from an arthritic ankle for over 20 years following an injury in my teens. Over the years I have tried various pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs which have had limited effect.
In the last four years since I have taken Deer Velvet on a regular basis, I have experienced a vast improvement. As a result I suffer from less stiffness and virtually no pain. I have not experienced any side effects and would wholly recommend this product”

Mrs J Tangaroa, Rotorua, New Zealand

“I feel that Canes Deer Velvet has vastly improved my general well being and certainly my circulation. I had severe headaches for many years and they have disappeared completely. I will definitely continue using Canes Deer Velvet”

Mrs Mucie, Carluke - Scotland

“I have tried other supplements without much success. That is until I tried Canes Deer Velvet. My knee joints have had a fair amount of punishment over the years. Since I started on C.D.V I have noticed a more than a substantial increase in joint mobility and a massive decrease in the aches and pain associated with it. One of the knock-on effects is that I can now sleep through the night and not be woken by sore knee joints, a win-win all round. I certainly notice the difference if I forget to take them.”

Malcolm Burkes - New Zealand

“I have found your product useful noticeably with circulation, please send more.”

Judy, Nelson, New Zealand

“I am getting the same positive effects from Canes Deer Velvet, that I have noticed in the past, warm hands and feet and increased mental alertness and physical energy.”

Alan M, Ohio USA

“Since using the Canes Deer Velvet capsules I have noticed an overall improvement in health. At last something that works! I have relief from long term back and neck pain I have suffered as the result of an accident, I sleep better, and I cope with stress easier. I have noticed an improvement in my sports performance, increased power during gym workouts, even running seems easier! The capsules are also giving me faster recovery times from exercise and injury. When not using them these things noticeably deteriorate. This product has provided me with a significant improvement in life style and general well being”

Wes Parkes (Taupo ironman athlete), Taupo NZ

DISCLAIMER – Comments on this website have been offered freely by customers who describe their own experiences. Canes Deer Products make no claim that others will experience the same or similar results by using Canes Deer Velvet. We simply offer a nutritional product and each individual’s response will vary.